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Gold and Silver Maple Leafs Get New Product packaging
Gold Maple Leafs and Silver Maple Leafs are getting product packaging remodelings, modifications plainly mandated by financier disfavor with product packaging that the Royal Canadian Mint has used since the coins were presented. Gold Maple Leafs debuted in 1979, Silver Maple Leafs in 1988. The modifications appear to be good relocations, which ought to increase sales of Silver Maple Leafs and help keep Gold Maple Leafs the preferred pure (.9999 fine) gold bullion coins.

Considering that beginning, 1-oz Gold Maple Leafs have been packaged ten to a tube. Because Maple Leafs are 24-karat, pure gold, they are "soft," relative to alloyed gold coins, such as American Gold Eagles and Krugerrands. Further, since of the style of the coins and the tight-fitting tubes, it is difficult to eliminate, examine, and reinsert 1-oz Gold Maple Leafs in their tubes without scratching the coins.

Actually, reinserting Gold Maple Leafs without at least some scratching is almost difficult. Further, if the persons checking the coins do unknown how quickly the Gold Maple Leafs are damaged, needless damage typically takes place while the coins are out their tubes.

Gold Maple Leafs bring the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, with a flat, clear field together with the image. The backs have the outline of a maple leaf, thus the coins' names. The problem develops from the coins' really sharp milled (reeded) edges. When the coins are reinserted in their tubes, the milled edges frequently scratch the fields.

Then there is the issue with investors who want to "heft" their coins "to get a feel of them." If they put 4 or 5 Gold Maple Leafs in the palms of their hands and "clang" them, the damage can be quite extreme. Need to a Gold Maple Leaf be dropped, rim damage is almost guaranteed.

As Gold Maple Leafs have actually been sold into the secondary market, damaged coins have ended up being such a problem that Gold Maple Leafs have actually lost popularity with financiers. The problem has become so extensive that many wholesalers bid only "melt" for Gold Maple Leafs, regardless of their condition. By paying only "melt," wholesalers can beneficially resell the coins for industrial or jewelry purposes if no buyers are discovered for the coins.

Gold Maple Leafs, like the Gold Eagles and the Krugerrands, are bullion coins, which trade for the value of their gold material, plus little premiums. Harmed Gold Maple Leafs do not indicate a loss of gold; they include an ounce of gold no matter the scratching or rim nicks. Still, purchasers do not like to get broken coins. This suggests that Gold Maple Leafs sold into the secondary market need to be assessed for the degree of damage.

Some wholesalers choose not to take the time to individually inspect Gold Maple Leafs and separate them according to their condition. These are the wholesalers who normally will pay only "melt" for 1-oz Gold Maple Leafs, despite condition. Luckily, the free market being exactly what it is, there are still some wholesalers who will purchase inning accordance with condition.

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