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Individual Retirement Account Beneficiary Preparation Techniques
Here's an estate-planning strategy that enables you to reduce the tax sting to your heirs, and that lowers your retirement earnings in case you do not think you will require all of your Individual Retirement Account funds in retirement.

It's called a "stretch IRA" or "Multi-generational IRA", a complex investment tools that allow you to extend the tax-deferred status of your IRA long after your death.

By naming your kids and grandchildren as the beneficiaries of your retirement assets, you enable them to extend the annual circulations of that IRA during their life times.

Structuring the stretch

There are 4 main methods to structuring a stretch IRA;

- the traditional - spousal-rollover - participant-direct - and the mixed, or combination, technique.

In the standard set-up, your partner is the primary recipient and your kids or grandchildren are the contingent recipients, nevertheless distributions and earnings tax deferment are extended only through the life span of the oldest beneficiary.

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