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A formula of efficient interaction
Why are certain individuals more successful than others in their personal lives and in their professional environment? Some are possibly really effective at their homes, having good relationships with their kids and spouses, however having many interaction issues in their workplace: issues with managers, but great relationships with co-workers or vice versa, great relationship with in charges, however conflicts with other managers and subordinates. Others again are having great relationships at the workplace at the expense of their marriages and family life: excessive time is being spent at the workplace and the household in your home is being felt disregarded and left.

The root cause of the issue is interaction or to be more specific: efficient communication. If a communication problem occurs, the concern: what went incorrect? There are plenty of sites, posts and books committed to the issues of interaction.

Wouldn't is be very beneficial to have an easy formula of efficient interaction which can be used in all scenarios? I think the following formula would be valuable:




EC = SI + IO - DF.

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