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A Winning Lottery Number Choice Method
The problem with picking lottery game numbers is that any regulated lottery game outcome is by definition random, and so any 6 number selections are as most likely as any other, no matter what numbers came out recently or the week before. So how can we discuss a 'Winning Lotto Strategy'? Basic - you have to take notice of the numbers you DO N'T pick!

This weird piece of suggestions is actually totally logical, due to the fact that with a bit of simple preparation, you can make sure that ought to any of your numbers in fact turn up, you have decreased the opportunity that you will have to share the reward with other people. Simply puts, avoid 'apparent' lottery game choices, unless you wish to share the reward! By the method, can you think exactly what the most typical lottery entry is?

Yep, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Difficult to think, right ?! While these numbers are as likely as other 6 to come up, if they did, the payout per ticket would be tiny, since a lot of people would be aiming to claim a piece of the pie!

So here are some tips to help you ensure that your selections are special to your ticket, and hence any prize you win will be shown less individuals. More than 2 consecutive numbers is a no no. For instance, choosing 1,2,3 or 47,48,49 will indicate you are 'in play' with THOUSANDS of other lottery game hopefuls.

It is ill-advised to pick numbers at repaired periods, especially when that interval is the same as on the entry slip (e.g. 1, 6, 11 etc). This is since people tend to 'run down the lotto slip' if they are in a rush.

Many individuals use birthdays, so select a minimum of one number above 31. This will differentiate your lottery game ticket from theirs.

Exact same goes for dates - never ever enter more than 2 numbers less than or equal to 12. Do not choose any of last week's lottery draw numbers. You 'd marvel how many punters attempt this!

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