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Lottery Winners Lose It All
Lotto Winners lose it all and trust fund children lose their parent's difficult earned money. Up to 80% of the lottery winners in this nation file personal bankruptcy within 5 years. The very factor that these people let their money run through their fingers is the very factor that many of us are still working pay check to paycheck.

It is a lacking mindset that is accountable for our monetary troubles. They believe: 1) I don't deserve this 2) I feel guilty since it occurred to me and not ___________ 3) This cannot be real 4) and so on.

Those with cash that work their method up from the bottom or develop the wealth they have easily, have the something that the majority of us do not have - a million dollar mind set. All wealth starts with it and all wealth is maintained by cultivating this sensation of prosperity.

Their beliefs are: 1) I am rich 2) If I lost it all tommorow, I might make it back easily. 3) I deserve to be wealthy.

That sense of wanting ways that we feel that we do not have these things. When we replace this wanting sensation with the sense of already having wealth, remarkable things start to occur within our brains.

How do we produce this million dollar mindset?

1) Think about being wealthy and write down any ideas that come up. Jot down the objections that already play in your mind. Make a note of the excuses like" It takes money to make money." If only ...

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