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Ways to Play The Lottery Totally free
You've probably played numerous lottery video games and spent a little fortune at the same time with little or no success. Well now you might drastically enhance your opportunities of success in an e-Lottery syndicate.

Wherever you remain in the world you can play e-Lottery -- a tested winner that massively increases your opportunities of winning 2 of the wealthiest, swelling sum, tax-free lottery games on the planet; The UK National Lotto and the European lotto Euro Millions.

Since our launch in April 2002 we've paid out millions in money, to thousands of e-Lottery syndicate members in 133 countries around the world.

Play the lottery game by yourself and you just have one chance to win, but as an e-Lottery distribute member, you're one of a 49 strong team, increasing your possibility to win the multimillion pound UK nationwide Lotto jackpot by an amazing 702%.

What's more, you have a 1 in 13 possibility of winning any cash prize. The e-Lottery syndicate increases your opportunities of winning the huge Euro Millions prize by a much more exceptional 3,600%. You likewise have a 1 in 4 possibility of winning any one of the numerous prize money.

How does e-Lottery work? Well as part of a 49 strong e-Lottery syndicate, you play with just 5 main numbers, since the distribute is ensured to match the 6th number in every UK Lotto draw. And even much better, your syndicate is ensured to match both Lucky Star numbers in every Euro Millions draw.

Exclusively to e-Lottery distributes, you're guaranteed to win a prize for matching only 2 UK Lotto main numbers and for matching only one Euro Millions number. But that's not all. Extremely, when you win, you win not just one reward but multiple cash prizes-- up to 44 in a UK National Lotto syndicate and approximately 36 in a Euro Millions distribute.

Eventually even after the cash has actually been shares out between 49 of you in a UK Lotto syndicate or in between 39 of you in a Euro Millions distribute, you in fact win more money than you would playing on your own in the very same games and matching the same numbers.

As you can see, e-Lottery is the smarter way to play. All the latest lottery game outcomes are emailed to you and the syndicate database automatically checks your numbers.

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